Emmanuella Samuel Biography, Age, Career, Pictures & Net-worth

Emmanuella as popularly known, is a prolific rib-cracker as far as comedy is concern. People wonder that at such an early age the kid could make a huge impact which made her show name 'Mark Angel' go global.

This article is intended to give readers a background knowledge of this rear prodigy, her biography, age, career and her net-worth.


Emmanuella Samuel was born on 22nd of July 2010 and she is only 8years old, wow! She is one of the most popular comedian and the number one kid comedienne around Nigeria has ever had. She was discovered by her cousin, Mark Angel.

Emmanuella hailed from Orlu in Imo State and gained wide popularity with her comedy skit ''This Is Not My Real Face Oh''. She started off her acting/comedy career right from primary school.


Emmanuella came into limelight as far back as 2015 when she was age 5. Among her you-tube short videos with Mark Angel and awards won from her persistence and performances include;

Mark Angel Comedy(ies):

  • Landlord
  • Who Died
  • My Real Face
  • Carry Over
  • They Didn't Caught Me
  • You Will Not Understand
  • Best of Success
  • Science Student
  • You Have Sense
  • Question & Answer Game
  • Speak English
  • World Cup
  • Manchelor
  • Accolade
  • Two Money
  • Uncle Why Are You Speaking In Tongue?
  • Who is Your Pastor?
  • Lick It
  • Let's Take Off
  • Revolution
  • Test Result
  • Bread
  • Don't Help Him

The list is endless as she is just a little girl and the sky is her limit as she grows older in the comedy industry.


  • Best new Kid comedienne & Princess of Comedy, Australia 2018
  • G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award 2015
  • NEA Award
  • City People Award
  • Brand Ambasador of Blue Boat FreshYo Yoghurt.

Net Worth

Emmanuella is in her own world  with no one in her age bracket so endowed. The richest kid ever in the history of Nigeria as far as comedy is concern is Emmanuella Samuel as she is estimated to worth N80-N100 million Naira.

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