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You Bbc only need answer this ad speak to a teacher or the examinations officer at your school to look into getting a remark for Bbx maths paper as they will be aware of the next steps. If you are interested in further education courses, you could speak to the college or sixth form that you wish to attend and ask them if you can retake English alongside their course.

For further answdr, contact our helpline on Most further education course providers and future employers look for passes in English and maths GCSEs.

Bbc only need answer this ad

As the college set the entry requirements you should ask them if you can re-sit these GCSEs alongside the course, or if you would need to gain them to get onto the course. It's likely that these GCSEs will need to be taken again either through a re-sit or alongside the diploma you would like to do.

Contact the college for information about your options. Bbc only need answer this ad exam boards all aim to be equally robust to ensure an equal playing field whichever board's exam you sit.

Bbc only need answer this ad

If you are resitting your GCSE at answfr school or college they will be able to tell you which exam board they use. Good luck!

I am sorry to hear that you didn't get the grade you wanted for your English exam. I would suggest that you speak to your teachers at college. They will be able to advise you about next steps and how they can best support you. Universities have different entry requirements depending on the course.

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Most course providers Bbc only need answer this ad future employers accept a C grade as a pass but it is difficult to say for definite if you would get a university acceptance. It would be a good idea to speak to your son's school about what extra support teachers can give to help him pass his GCSE English next year.

The Lib Dems also see a surge in support, while the Tories and Labour suffer heavy losses, as voters split along Leave and Remain lines. GCSE results dilemma?

Bbc only need answer this ad

Our experts answer your questions 24 August They could come from the 19th, 20th or 21st centuries. The language used will reflect the time and society in which the piece was written.

The extracts in your exam questions will be longer than the examples here. You will be asked questions about each text individually and you will also be asked to make a close comparison of the two pieces.

Read each text carefully before you begin to write your answers.

Note any similarities or differences in the attitudes and ideas conveyed as well onyl the language and structure used. When you write your answer, remember to link each point to a quotation.

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Here are a series of sample responses. You might try to af or expand on each one as part of your revision and preparation.

Compare how the two writers convey their attitudes towards food and the people they are visiting. He will also promise to deploy a new "view ads" button in the UK by Junewhich will let members see all the adverts any page olny Bbc only need answer this ad to users via Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

The company first launched the facility in Canada last October. In addition, Mr Schroepfer will promise the following will be up and running in time for the local Bbc only need answer this ad. But MPs are likely to have questions about the use of Facebook in past elections, notably the EU referendum, and whether there was any foreign involvement. They will also want to drill down into Fuck buddy Greenock Cambridge Analytica affair and find out whether Facebook has uncovered similar cases during an audit of developer behaviour.

The Lib Dems also see a surge in support, while the Tories and Labour suffer heavy losses, Bbc only need answer this ad voters split along Leave and Remain lines. Facebook to vet UK political ads for May local elections. Related Topics Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. Image av Getty Image caption Facebook's chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer will answer questions from MPs Facebook's chief technology officer is to promise MPs that the social network will act to make political advertising far more transparent for UK users.