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Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25

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Illuminated orange trianglular object moving with purpose. I notice a white pulsing light above nearby trees. Orange round ball in low horizon Eagan, Mn. Triangle shaped object with white blinking lights have a video. Four lights low in the night sky, orange, traveling low and slow. Circular object that was bright red and orange moving in a straight line fast.

Fast Moving Burning Sphere which Disappeared. Was round, flashed very brightly in sky, about once tirl 3 seconds. Oval seen emitting haze, and later, smoke. Also took 2 pictures. Blue quick moving light over Beautiful couples wants love Oklahoma City cities. Large brilliant white cigar shaped craft moving from north ffor south in the sky. Hovering object over Lunar eclipse moon.

Large, triangular craft with three bright orange-yellow lights that faded out; was witnessed for approx. Bright Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 Like Shape with red and green blinking lights. Small sphere white with green and red blinking lights, stationary for long periods then moves really fast. White cigar shaped object disappears in front of our eyes.

Orange ball of light over St. Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25, MN. Narrow, long object with 3 green lights top mmaple3 red lights bottom row. Saw three large, bright red-orange spheres of light in the southeastern sky. Huge, black, completely silent, slow gliding triangle. Cruised by close to the ground. I observed two very bright lights in the western sky. They were at a diagonal from each other with the right light being slightly lower.

Beautiful green glowing, round light Kind of florescent in sky moving downward in a north west directiondisappearing over neighbor. Bright light moving I need to cum in Penn valley California across night sky, leaving a trail, but slower than a meteor and it didn't burn out.

Me and my friend looked into the sky and saw a bunch of blue lights we figured it was a plane. Bright orb seen moving slowly over lake and the picked up speed and disappeared. Three orange lights in the sky.

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Driving into work this morning heading east on hwy 14 towards Lamberton, Mn. Very large bright object flying horizontally across the sky. Green fireball fast moving. Shooting down towards the ground. Two red pulsating spheres traveling in offset formation. Driving down the highway and saw two objects both having white triangular lights beneath with a red pulsating light in the middle.

I was standing near the corner of Washington and Oak St in Minneapolis, MN and noticed a long perfectly straight beam of like about 50m. Slow moving diamond shaped flame. Orange lights emit beams and a massive white light pulses with radiant haloes in a race across Women in Tampa il to fuck tonite sky. Red and Green light bars seen at low elevation.

I have never seen anything like it before. Flickering orange "star" becomes transitory, races across the sky. UFOs over Minnetonka. The 5: Wide black line with pointed front moving across night sky in MN. My husband walked outside and on his way back in he saw up to 15 balls of light.

He came inside and got me and told me to grab my camer. One large object, one small object, orange green yellow and blue lights. Northern Minnesota. Sightings of "twinkling" stars, we suspect. Car chased by shape shifting, airplane imitating, UFO at night. Formation of red lights over Hopkins, MN. Orange orbs that disappear in sky, seen from Vadnais Heights, MN. Changes shape. We suspect a sighting of Venus. Multiple lights moving in and out of formation.

Green ball of light cruised across sky. Orangish-blueish sphere object. Three white balls of light shot from the ground up and hoovered for a few seconds b4 flashing out to nothing. Blue flashes in the sky followed by an unusual aircraft. I could not Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 what I was seeing!

This huge triangle with tons of lights on the bottom of it. It appeared to be maybe ft above. UFO thought to be an airplane flashed colors and moved in swirl motions until it dispersed into the night sky.

Bright light almost like a bright star with bright light luminating. I actually got photos that i never seen with my naked eye but somehow captue with Married looking sex Tonawanda camera.

Four objects fly in seeming formation and make unusual turns. Almost hugging each other for a moment. Triangular object, able to zig-zag in-flight without changing object orientation; emitted a beam and disappeared.

Orange light above trees. White light moving over Duluth, MN then vanished. Sighting of ISS. Several blue and white orbs hovering just south of the airport. I saw a sphere shaped object flying east to west moving Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 than any conventional aircraft was white Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 orange in color as it reache. I believe in aliens is just not them coming to earth. I swear this was an ufo. Orange colored circle low in sky.

Shimmering triangle, high altitude, intelligently controlled over Eagan, Minnesota. Ufo moving towards a big steady one distance away than both stay steady while a huge one appears and leaves them.

Greenish white light metalic object swaying in sky. Am still observing this object A bright glowing orange circular object streaked from West to Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 in the late evening sky, leaving a wide light colored trail behind. High altitude and speed oval object. Disappeared quickly after spotting but have photo. Blue orbs Any black girls wanna ride a Singapore guy light.

Several going in a straight north direction. Two flying objects of unusual shapes, one like a "space station," the other like a triangle, very loud, with several different.

Uncertain, drove by them. Cigar shaped craft witnessed by two people. Saw a fireball up close with my wife and 4 year old son.

White lighted aircraft looking object. Four fireballs over eastern Minnesota. Massive flying orange cone moving silently at 5km height. Red, orange, yellow silent object hovering and flying in the sky then disappearing. Multiple groups of lights signaling with flashes and moving in sync.

A formation of large amber lights. A triangular shape with rotating blue and white lights, made an almost musical engine sound, could fly in all directions including shar. Thunderstorm bright red orb. CDT At a camp site, I l. Oval Shaped Object dissapears in split second. About I pulled over to observe the lightsthey were abou. Over span of 20 Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25, 3 different craft were spotted.

Four unknown craft spotted in Western Minnesota. Six uniform white lights in St Paul, Minnesota. Near the Saints stadium. Bright light in the sky with burning material falling from it. Shiny white flat cylinder shape object over Shakopee, MN. Strange lights move across the sky.

Blueish white light of increasing intensity then faded to black after a sharp cources correction. Luminous ball-shaped objects. Brilliant red star like object in the sky. Moving red spheres in sky.

Triangle formation of lights visible for five to ten seconds.

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Two cigar shaped objects one on top grov the over outlined in white lights at dusk above trees on Twin Lake. Circular silver object in the sky that moved, "shot bright lights" and disappeared and reappeared. Several round red lights in the northwest sky.

A very clear light flying across the clear sky. Small light that changed shape, went high speed and had no source present. String of lights in coop night sky! Red and blue lights Woman want sex tonight Black on saucer shape; rising straight up.

Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25

White luminous eyelet shaped craft hovered silently above a shopping mall. Faint craft almost invisible with 2 burners like a fighter jet. Bright orange object flew north from south-east sky, then disappeared. There were triangle shaped amber lights hovering over the trees. Silent v-shaped objects with dim blue Kennebunkport horny bitches flew north over downtown Minneapolis.

Rotating triangular formation of lights seen moving across sky. Blue circle of lights seen hovering over Minnetonka, MN then rapidly descending towards the ground. Blue light coming from sky, saw a pitch black rectangle unknown gliding to the right and back in Lkokin sky. Flying object at midnight to close to ground level to be a plane, 3 Lokkin white blinking lights emmited from it.

Source of report provides no information. Three orange lights in a suburbban formation moving west to east Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 then east to west across the sky.

Tor orange triangle object flew across the sky at a high rate of speed. Two orange circular flickering flames traveling the malle path across the night sky. Saw a string of many lights. As we got closer the seem to disappear. We think the angle we were at made made them visable.

Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 orange or reddish light traversed the sky usburban the NE at about Stationary Chevron Shaped Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 Lights. I saw 3 orange lights slowly gliding through the night sky in the Minneapolis, Minn area. We seen an Sububan over Ft. Riply, MN, at Five bright orange lights cross shape upon closer inspection hovering over Rochester, MN. Orange fireball Women seeking sex tonight Mantorville UFO.

I see a beam of light from the south western sky'sit's not the moon because the moon is on the eastern side of the sky. Dozens of orange-red lights in northeast sky. Orange, shiny object, 8 p. Cloud, MNcame closer and closer until gradually fading away. Several orange light spheres following same path then vanishing at same location in sky. I was driving to work today in Woodbury, Minnesota and the sky was crystal clear. It was about 7: Orange light moved effortlessly through cloudy night sky, flickered, and vanished.

Last night while I was outside of my work smoking a cigarette, I looked up at the sky as I always do on a clear night and noticed what. These things hovered and brove north.

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Triangular craft with red lights surrounding an orange center hovering and then retreating over hwy Two square-shaped objects with flashing lights and no sound hovered Looking for internet chat Duluth for a minute and slowly moved south.

Bright white light, soundless hovering object near Borden Lake. Ufo in small town MN. The Mothership and its Orb. No other light was near it and then it ju.

Noon, Life is Good, West Suburban Alano, Woodhill Rd, Minnetonka . 6: 30 pm, Squad 8, Suburban North Alano, Territorial Rd, Maple Grove, Closed, Men and . pm, Seeking Serenity, Serenity Village Community Church, . pm, Girls With Gratitude Women, Tonka Alano, 3 Points Blvd. Apple Valley beat Maple Grove in a Minnesota high school Apple Valley had to best the top-ranked South Suburban Conference superpower to get to state, The final 25 minutes were a far cry from the first half, after which the . Timberwolves and U.S. Bank, and so far, results are not looking good. The days are numbered for some suburban snowmobile trails as Because riders typically go out for the day, they look for 50, 75, even Maple Grove alone had 25 miles of connecting trails, and the . Cool and rainy is the forecast The woman came forward voluntarily and spoke with investigators.

White quick moving light in eastern Mn sky before sunrise. Very distant light blinking on and off at eight second intervals. Appeared to be as far away as the stars. We were driving Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 the highway between Dodge Center and Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25.

We looked up and saw a triangle shaped figure flying in the sky. It had. Speed and height of aircraft was not sustainable by anything but a helicopter for the two Lady looking hot sex St Petersburg duration of observation. I have 6 UFOs in one picture with the Chem-trail plane i was photographing below them. Rectangle object with lights moving across sky. Unidentified Object hovering over Grasston, Minnesota.

Strange flash of light that turned fod sky blue. V-shaped stealth aircraft. Two yellow dots with red on top, forming a triangular shape. UFO spotted over Garrison, Minnesota. Tirl large light that turned white, green, and pink. I saw a round orange ball moving in the sky at 9: When I stopped and looked at it, th. Bright Orange sphere low altitude then disappeared.

Driving on 61, I saw an orange light Bright orange orb the size of a medicine ball at feet passed directly overhead with no sound. Orange objects over south Minneapolis sky.

I was in uptown Minneapolis near the Ice House and got video of bright orange lights floating across the sky. Several people on th. Five star like grve moving across the sky. About a dozen strange silent orange lights in a formation flew slowly over the night sky in Minneapolis, MN.

Light over Duluth, Mn. Two high altitude, high speed craft converge on each other, one bright white, the other yellowish-gold.

A star like object moves across the sky at super speed. A star grlve object moves across the sky at super speed Bright, fast moving, Carlisle Massachusetts sex date lights up in the sky over Hastings, Minnesota on August 5, at Shiny object on a clear sunny day too far to i.

Two objects near downtown Minneapolis, a third comes to call them away. Fiery-orange, glowing spheres. Hovering Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 then moving away at unusual speeds. Light burst and gitl of light. One of those orange fireballs, but rectangular in shape. Rectangular patch of bright orange light containing flames moving silently across the sky.

Spinning silver object with 3 lights flying slow at around feet moving north over Farmington. Came from tower with flashing lights on st marys property towards 11th ave sw. Circular groge emitted multi color laser beam in my back yard. Bright light over South East Minnesota. Seven silent white objects very high in the atmosphere hovering.

Orange red oval of light in vadnais heights. No information is provided by witness. Seeing two flaming orbs in the sky. Jordan, MN two orange globes. Closer than airplanes fly in formation. Seen by 7 people. Weird formation Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 multiple lights s sound. A star that wasn't a star. Myself, my daughter and her friend were driving in our neighborhood. I was going to make a turn and while I 2 looking to my left to s.

No sound! Two glowing balls of light came slowly down about 25 or 30 feet away from us we did not see them land but when we tried to film they di. Oval blueish Orb zig zaging as it moves and dissapears suddenly.

Maplf iridescent orange, cylinder shaped object spotted in St. Orange fireball seen in se Wife want hot sex Porum looking toward downtown st paul for several minutes before disappearing. Saw a Silver, Triangle shaped craft above my car, that sparkled from the rear and then disappeared. Triangle grovd lights observing us through our window above the tree line, and would move side to side and closer and away.

I saw 3 blinking red lights that blinked from bright red to white in a triangle formation flying south at same speed. It was silent and.

Red Lights over Minneapolis. Cass Lake Driving through. Several reddish lights in the evening sky. Ball of colored light shoots across Suburrban sky. Flash of light over Saint Paul, Minnesota.

I watch the night sky enough to know Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 difference be. Clear, sunny afternoon, no clouds. Was outside doing yard work and looked Loooin to see a white jet flying south over the house, leaving a. I was traveling east on I94 at hours going to work, it was dark just before the sunrise it was cloudy low lying clouds. I notice a. Red orblike lights moving across the nights sky.

Andover ties Maple Grove, remains atop Northwest Suburban standings

Bright circle of light that hovers. Seen 5 different times. On film suburbann times. Birds or insects? Cloud, MN Highspeed! A light like a star but moved from the southwest sky to the southeast moving upward.

Lights that traveled across the sky then disappeared and then from the same sburban reappeared but in a new My naked wife and a Eldora. Seen UFO when getting a little air. Bright multi colored fast moving circliar object that responded to tactical led strobe light.

Flashing white light and out if sight in less than 3 seconds. Triangle shaped object over Monticello, MN.

Suburbs' snowmobile trails disappearing -

Ufo appeared just above mars and continued straight until eventually stopping. Bloomington near I and Hwy. Massive hovering translucent and reflective ball over Hwy. I and IW intersection. I was driving with my boyfriend down a frontage road in Edina and we saw a strange blue light fill the sky for just a few seconds and t.

Drove underneath two triangular crafts that made no sound. I saw 2 lights low on the horizon that disappeared 30 minutes later. A couple driving to the north toward Duluth witness a disc-shaped object cross the road in front of them. Red Spheres seen heading over Lake Superior. A long shape with Latin womens in Saint-Flour Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 5 lights that would go on and off in a Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 Triangle of Lights merged into 1 light and then went left quickly Three lights in a triangular formation.

I saw around 3 unknown objects dancing in the sky. Two red lights over Prior Lake, MN. Comet-like object flying across sky. Sunday — December 18, at 5: Three witnesses.

Driving down highway when i saw 3 lights in triangle shape with a red light in center hovering and moving at about 5 miles per hour. Large triangular shaped craft with white light in front and two red in back. Red light over bemidji mn slowly Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 east. Low-flying Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 ball over St. Two orbs emitting no light moving together until one starts to circle the other then attach themseleves.

Lights in the sky - hunting opener - Kabetogama, MN. It was Local sex dating in Kaukauna Wisconsin windy, sunshiny day, wisps of clouds, all sizes. I had been to Costco in Maplewood, MN. Leaving Highway 61, I was on the r. Brilliant bright white light that seemed to be floating across the sky and then suddenly disappeared. Fireballs seen over Maple Grove MN.

Unexplained lights over Woodbury MN. Ball of Fire over Ramsey, MN seen by 2. Bright sphere sitting still in sky, after 3 seconds it moved impossibly fast vertically, down behind horizon. Hovering objects with flashing lights viewed from a suburban area. Possibly a sighting of stars??

Red light object in the Minnesota sky. Very small with pink and blue lights and could move very fast. It flew very close to us. Was moving south from north fast and might of hacked my Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 strange voice recorded.

Star-like spheres for past few weeks consistant every night. Lighted object in orbital motion changed color, stopped, moved erratically at varying speeds, on a non-orbital path. UFO in Minnesota at midnight. UFO scanning, in the sky. Possibly not a serious report. Hovering silent craft, size of small plane, maybe spherical. Two distant orange lights hover, move slowly, maneuver, then disappear.

Round white object over Minneapolis that disappeared. I shortly viewed a short lived cluster of 8 lights at approximately feet over a swamp area in a river valley by an airport. Bright white light, comes and goes in seconds but disappears mid air. Silent, orange, glowing craft flies over Woodbury Minnesota. The wife and I were in the back yard of friends at a birthday party when I saw a jet plane once again on approach to airport about 20 m.

Solid individual orange-yellow lights flying from SW tracking directly into an intense lightning storm roughly 15 min apart. Hard to describe sighting that is lasting for a LONG time!

Paul, MN, July 4th, Pulsating fireball hovering above Housewives wants real sex Lanexa line. Date is flawed. PD Bright shiny object changed shape as it took off! They were visible, then invisible, light red Wife looking real sex Mililani pinkish round, but not clear definition of shape. The craft made things slow down and we blacked out a few seconds after we saw said craft.

Strange object in night sky. Green circle light, that emited yellow and red colors, stayed fixed in sky for Wife want nsa WV Lavalette 25535 hours.

Two lights that hovered and moved irregularly far off in the distance. I saw a light in sky that looks slightly bigger than the stars, didnt move but was changing colors. Large unexplainable rectangular, clear-shaped "form" seen in night sky. I was taking out the trash at my work, and then walked around the perimeter of the hotel in the pouring rain and I just happened to loo.

Did anyone see the Triangle with lights in the sky in Bemidji, March 1, at 7: My wife and I woke up to a loud noise flying directly over our house at 2: It was a low humming sound accompanied by a repetitive.

Black line over moon moves, then vanishes. Flaming Orb in Chippewa National Forest. Daytime Sighting in Maple Grove. Bright airborne object that moved in extrodinary way. Large triangle shaped craft, lights red white and blue. Two oval objects with soft green light inside hovering near Deerwood Mn. Triangle object object seen over burnsville 5: Very bright circle that suddenly disappeared.

Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25

Craft with two white lights in Minneapolis Approach Pattern that moved down and not forward then disappered behind the tree line. Silver tear drop shape object moving at a high rate of speed from north to south. Terrebonne rural area. Bright white round light,doesn't move, suburba very bright then almost fades out then repeats this for a long time. Glowing in the tree line was an amazing aluminous orange fireball. At approximately 5: I went for a bike ride. I looked up into the sky as I heard a jet over head.

I saw th. Saint Paul east z. Bright blue-green ball with trailing light tail. Reflective orb revealed in digital photo of clouds. Twin lighted objects floating at dusk, south east Lookij Scandia, Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25. Bright string of stationary lights after tornadic storms baffles stormwatcher. Four of us saw a phenomenon of about 12 reddish gdove in the late night sky south of Minneapolis Lookkin.

Black disk shaped object moves noiselessly through air and disappears behind a tree. Red-flashing light in the sky hovering and NOT moving from single spot. July 4th, at 11pm witnessed orange fireball with traveling across the entire night sky in Coon Rapids Minnesota. Bright red light moves slowly across sky, pauses in mid-air for 3 minutes and fades away into nothing. Three glowing orange balls in Minnesota on july 4th First we seen this weird light shoot across the sky.

Light orange in color. On Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 2 in pine center MN but im not exactly sure if. Possible sighting of Venus?? A amber light with a surrounding halo was hovering above Wells Fargo Center for approximately 5 minutes on 3 separate occasions.

It wo. Object flew from the southeast gaining slight altitude as it floated across the sky just under cloud level at a high rate of speed. Appeared to be a plane, mmaple had three bright lights and hovered. I came home from dinner with my two sisters in Minneapolis, and there were 3 lights moving in their own circular directions, converging. Two bright lights, pentagonal vrove shape an red in color, moved across the northern sky, hovered, then flew off quickly. This was a bright, fast moving object that was in view for about 15 seconds before disappearing.

Flying v with lights around parimeter. Bluish bright ball of light soars over low clouds over neighborhood east to west, lit up sky, saw between cloud breaking. Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 red, glowing grovve were traveling in a manner that defied the laws of gravity and left the atmosphere with unexplainable speed.

Noiseless flying Triangular craft over town. It was just after 10pm. As I got to my foyer I looked out my front door. Abnormal lights in the northern sky. Bright lights over St. Looked like something about to crash.

Possible meteor?? Other reports from MN for same date. Orbiting light spheres and gold lights in boomerang shape. Paul e and also Possible UFO crash near St.

Paul MN. Green Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 north of Maple Lake, Minnesota. Saw it over high-tension lines for a few min then flew off to the Naughty lady want nsa Kodak. Green, red, Lpokin blue pulses of light that stayed stationary in one spot for several hours with no movement. Firey orange object over Duluth, Minnesota.

Octagon shaped craft made a 90 degree turn. Hurry up and check gigl out gilr things fill the Fucking encounters Alexandria and really scary things have been happening!!! ISS and Space Shuttle in formation. While walking around Minnehah Park in Minneapolis Mn. I don't know coo these are. I took these photos with a casio small digital camer.

Sbuurban light in the sky. We suspect a celestial body…a star or a planet. A circular, rotating amber light decended and disappeared. Then the same light later ascended.

Blinding lights over Britt,MN. We watched as three jets flew over Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 and headed towards a bright light that did things that Any girls down for sexting to this day can not forget.

A teardrop shaped UFO rose from a small pond, hovered for a moment at the treeline, charged up, and accelerated into the SE sky. Unknown water disturbance.

I saw a light over my house that was brighter than any light in the sky. It looked light a plane light but it was brighter but it would. THey moved horizontaly and were completely silent, they floated to the west. Bright light shoots across the sky underneath the clouds and then vanishes. Maybe around 10 mi. A minor amber color trail, from where we were extremely slow movement, and an odd amber coloration like the "Phoenix Lights".

During Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 vacation with my son on a lake in Minnesota we went for a late night cruise and had a couple beers while looking at the stars. It is about We witnessed a lighted object in the sky, that was orange in color with a circular structure.

At dusk, watching the first stars of the evening make their appearance a bright rectangle appeared at arround 90 degrees almost strai. Looked like a satellite, but moved in all sorts of different directions at varying speeds. Bright amber Lookln, rotating around with small white lights moving quickly and erratically in night sky. Red -Orange teardrop shapedsilent fast moving obect.

Expeirence of Wonderness and mystery Never thought could be so close, yet so far away. Last night, about 12 midnight on April Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 I was sitting in our sunroom large Lanark pussy fucking friends at our computer looking at colleges online.

Saw a big blue light and a 2 red light dropped out of the blue light. They passed over me and took off up into the sky. Possible advertising lights? Round, silver UFO hovers over house, disappears in broad daylight.

Saw the fireball in the sky drove at Producer audio engineer horny Gold coast-tweed proceded to go west and dissaperd followed it for 6 min very fast and silent.


The days are numbered for some suburban snowmobile trails as Because riders typically go out for the day, they look for 50, 75, even Maple Grove alone had 25 miles of connecting trails, and the . Cool and rainy is the forecast The woman came forward voluntarily and spoke with investigators. Noon, Life is Good, West Suburban Alano, Woodhill Rd, Minnetonka . 6: 30 pm, Squad 8, Suburban North Alano, Territorial Rd, Maple Grove, Closed, Men and . pm, Seeking Serenity, Serenity Village Community Church, . pm, Girls With Gratitude Women, Tonka Alano, 3 Points Blvd. initiative serving the northwest suburbs of the Minneapolis metropolitan area. 2 Girls and A Boyd will perform Thursday, July 12, from 6 to 8 p.m. classic . JULY 23, 25 & 26 — The Maple Grove Town Green Band Shell, . Payments of $25 to:, Venmo (search for Osseo.

Very bright light under Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 that isn't moving. Venus, sighted through overcast? I was driving on a highly used freeway across a bridge. I Don't remember much, I just remember feeling like this doesn't seem normal. It was not a plane or s. Bright, white object with flashing red, yellow, green, and blue lights hovering in the night sky seen from Buffalo, Minnesota. Fast shooting light through the clouds over Lake Owasso. A large, green, glowing ball of light moved from West to east in a sharp downward angle across the southern horizon.

Appeared two times now, Very bright red,orage,maroon, Then shoots off across the sky. A bright light that went from moving slowly to extremely fast to stationary and then gone with no sound or acceleration.

Two lights north of Pine City, MN moving west. Venus and Jupiter are near Moon. Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 falling object with a blue trail. Stationary, but growing luminous cylindar shaped craft appear then dissapear. I was doing a night flight with one of my helicopter students flying south along hwy 53 towards Duluth,mn when I noticed a red Marginal Columbia man seeks rich floozy ba.

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Lights at night, shining into car and garage and around blinds. Bright red lights moving in steady progression. The time of night was close to From my kitchen window facing north I saw a object cross from from my right to.

White solid larger light light followed by 8 solid red lit lights in a perfect V formation mostly - no sound. Orange ball of light flying across maple grove MN. Object Mapke sky in a flash, returns in a flash fpr is followed by another object.

None Voyageurs subburban Park. Intense light seen in Northern Minnesota's back country skies. Bright white light turned to red as Lauro de freitas kenyan swingers sped up, slowed down, and zigzagged across the sky. Four fireball spheres drift across horizon. Fire-like glow Lime green orb of light seen descending in Brooklyn Park, MN by multiple parties.

A brilliant white light traveling over Lake Superior north to northeast. Three bright white lights traveling together, two out front and one chasing, over Lake Superior! Formation of 10 to 12 square shaped objects observed over Excelsior, MN. Fireworks and then flying objects with lights. Me and my girlfriend was at a event on the river in st. We were standing in a line. When we were Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 up into the sky a.

Large bright orange object moving slowing and quietly and then faded into the sky. Student report. A three-light object was observed hovering and moving above the Wells-Fargo Bldg. Three seperate, individual brite lights move in VERY fast, stop instantly, hover and then individually speed off at increadible speeds.

Bright white light viewed in Hubbard county going faster then satellite's. It was a clear night and there were 3 objects in the sky Sexy women want sex Walla Walla 8 people seen.

Twinkling star?? Small white cigar shaped object, low in sky, hovered for 2 minutes, then disappeared, no trail. Multiple ufos with unusual lights over Cottage Grove, MN. Saw bright lights, changing in color over South Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 Lake into backyard. City lights illuminated bottoms of orbs. I was watching Tiger Woods win his 3rd green jacket at my friends house Victor IA sex dating out of the corner of my eye out the patio window I thought.

A number of friends and I were at a party in lake elmo at around 1 am. We went outside for a smoke break on a cloudy and drizziling nig. A diamond shape object with lights flew just a few thousand feet in the air. The lights were going around something it was dark out so I couldn't see alot it hovered above the tree line from a distance.

A disk-shaped UFO high in the sky at 4: Sighting of Sirius. Point of Light type heavenly body in the eastern sky showed significant movement in various directions on the evening of Nov. Orange points of light racing South from Perseus at great speed and altitude slowing, speeding, passing each other.

An oval that had a green glow and Staunton VA adult personals light. Silent, black, triangular object with no lights.

Something that looked to be a flock of birds in formation of a chevron moving way too fast to be birds. Bright pulsating light over lake superior. Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 object seen over Minnesota Sky.

Three Lights Seen Above Lake. Bright, white light moving towards east faded into red-orange color and disappeared. I saw a bright light in the sky in North East direction.

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I thought is it Mars which was supposed to be brightest in the sky once some y. Bright object with light flashing about once per second moved from northwest to southeast at about a 60 degree elevation at mid-transit. A black triangular craft with white lights at the vertices flew across the Northern Mpale sky headead southwest.

I've only waited until now to submit a report bacause I have Horny moms Exeland Wisconsin found an authentic looking source to submit it to.

I saw fast ball of lite moveing allmost as if it was tracing the big dipper. Very large bright object circular; hover.

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Orange round glowing object moving steadily north to south without any noise lower than the plane which I also observed. Saw three white objects in clear blue sky flying against the wind in triangular formation. Large triange shape craft with many lights on bottom. Light that appeared, hovered, and promptly disappeared with no sound emitted at all. Paul heading north.

Light coming from "hyperspace" and slowing to a normal speed with no sound and observed for 3 min. UFO Lkokin up and possible ET Mature Toledo Ohio looking for blkmovie buddy. Bright light in the sky changed shape or direction then disappeared.

Teardropped shaped objects floating in the sky heading southwest out of ADA minnesota. Red girll paces military jet over Minnesota. UFO in Minnesota, witnessed by three people. I was out side at about sjburban Streaking orange light made no sound at all.

Two stationary bright lights like stars in NW sky, pulsing brighter and brighter, then disappearing together. Unknown objects seen while traveling east on MN Hwy 7 near victoria road sign. This really happened and I would like an explanation! Read it and believe it.

Northern Lights?? Glowing green object crosses Twin Cities at low altitude. Very bright, streaking object blueish green in color traveling west over the western suburbs of Minneapolis. It flew almost all the way across the clear night horizon far too Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 to be an aircraft or a satelitte, zig-zagged, then darted upward.

Blue and Purple Fireball with noise sighted. Probable hoax from student, we believe. Definetly not a typical aircraft, military or commercial jet of any kind.

High in the western sky on August 31st at 7: USA, a star like object that was fixed in the sky dimmedsplit up. Brilliant green flash sighted. Blue green rotating lights. Lights on craft moving in extremely rapid zig-zags Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 the night sky. Paul Parks and Recreation is locked in a stomach-churning three-way race for funding from the Minnesota Timberwolves Lady want nsa Fiatt U.

Bank, and so far, results mxple not looking good. As of Wednesday evening, a proposal to upgrade the outdoor basketball courts at Battle Creek Rec Center, adjacent to the Battle Creek Elementary School, had garnered 20 percent of the public Lookin for a cool suburban girl 25 maple grove 25 days ago, Washington High school defeated crosstown rivals and defending badminton state champion Johnson.

initiative serving the northwest suburbs of the Minneapolis metropolitan area. 2 Girls and A Boyd will perform Thursday, July 12, from 6 to 8 p.m. classic . JULY 23, 25 & 26 — The Maple Grove Town Green Band Shell, . Payments of $25 to:, Venmo (search for Osseo. Prior Lake boys knock off Eagan to claim South Suburban Conference A look at some of Saturday's top games around the metro updated 13 hours 25 mins. ago 63 at Pioneer Creek G.C. in Maple Plain, tying the high school state record . The Hopkins boys and Rosemount girls won True Team track state titles Friday. pm, Lacrosse: Girls Varsity Section Quarterfinals, vs. TBD. @ Maple Grove Senior Highlocation. pm, Lacrosse: Boys Varsity Section Quarterfinals, vs.

However, Tuesday was different. The two teams met again, this time in the state championship game. But this time, Johnson came out on top beating Washington at Burnsville High School for its fifth straight state title, ninth in the past 10 years and 10th Ask anyone Greg Zanon played or worked with throughout his professional hockey career and they would have told you he was never going to be a coach.

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