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Lookin for cute wht girl

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An embarrassed zebra is one answer; a penguin with sunburn is another. A pun based answer is a newspaper.

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Your new kitty! Now, to come up with a good name for your new friend.

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Some black and white cats have a spot on their upper lip, making him look like a certain dictator whose name will go unmentioned.

Instead, name him wyt Charlie Chaplin or Oliver Hardy, funny men who wore their toothbrush mustaches well.

Vincent makes a good name after Vincent Price, a star of black and white films who usually played either a magician or vampire.

Also check out this list of names for fully black cats. This is a little trickier.

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Until the early Twentieth Century, it was unseemly for a Lookin for cute wht girl to wear black in public unless she was mourning or part of a religious order. You may think of Dorothy, who went from a land of black and white Kansas to the colorful land of Oz. Check out this list of white cat names if your cat is more on the white side.

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Onyx is a gem of black and white bands that could make a fr namesake for a black and white cat. The photographers Mapplethorpe and Kruger make good namesakes.

8 Strange Privileges I've Had Because I'm A Small, "Cute," White Woman

You may also go for piano theme names like Liberace, Steinway or Ragtime. If you like mythological inspired names, try Endymion, Loki or Osiris.

Boy Names; Girl Names; Creative Names; Cute Names; Cool Some black and white cats have a spot on their upper lip, making him look like. Find Cute White Girl Smiling Happy Study stock images and royalty free photos in HD. Explore millions of stock photos, images, illustrations, and vectors in the. 8 Strange Privileges I've Had Because I'm A Small, "Cute," White Woman of being a small, white, "innocent-looking" young woman.

This list might spark some creativity. For cuteness, you could name your cat after a black and white animal like Panda, Zebra, Penguin Orca or Skunk. You could name him Moose for the ice cream flavor moose tracks.

You can also check out this list of funny cat names as some of them may be appropriate for a funny, clumsy and cute feline. The famous sandwich cookie Oreo also inspires the name of black and white cats.

Cute Car Names for Girls | AxleAddict

Marbles for marble cake can work. Ace is just cool, and matches a black mark on a white card.

Klondike and Vesuvius are two extremes but one might match your too cool for school cat. Valkyrie, Amazon and Maenad might be fitting names for a spirited lady. Lookin for cute wht girl huge animal lover, born and raised around dogs, cats, chickens Self-educated pet care nerd.

Currently parent of three adopted cats and one small mutt. Animal adoption advocate.

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Loves a good book about animals and playing the piano. Mary Nielsen.